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Fishing Tackle Bags: What to Look for

Fishing Tackle Bags: What to Look for
There's no ‘one size fits all'or ‘ideal'when it comes to tackle bags. However, there's a broad range of bags that suit different people because of the preferences and applications. Nevertheless, there are several general non-negotiable features and benefits that the tackle bag should include, such as:
  • Durability: Angling is obviously done in an outdoor environment, and the mere undeniable fact that you're bringing a tackle bag ensures that you're likely to be in a wild and possibly rough terrain. So, you'll need a bag that's robust and durable enough to have a beating in those environments and still last for a long time. Quality construction can be quite a tell-tale sign of the durability and longevity of a bag, so focus on construction features which are directed at strengthening the bag, like reinforced stitching and heavy-duty zippers.et Point 1
  • Water resistant: The bag doesn't need to be waterproof, although if it is, then great. But it will need to be water-resistant, meaning that it won't get wet due to a mere splattering of water or some rain. This doesn't mean that you need to submerge it in water; it's just a sign that the bag won't get soaked from obtaining a few drops about it, and therefore the stuff inside will remain protected from water damage. 

Fishing Bags Reviewed in 2018

Fishing Bags Reviewed in 2018
These plastic tackle boxes seem the most archaic option available today. That doesn't mean they're bad, by any stretch of the imagination.
Hard tackle boxes are generally quite inexpensive and offer a selection of storage space and options. Most hard tackle boxes have cascading or folding trays that can be organized and arranged to accommodate the sort of tackle you're using.
Advantages of a Hard Tackle Box:
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to organize
  • Provides plenty of protection
Look for models that use plastic boxes for organization. These clear plastic boxes slide in and from trays inside the hard plastic tackle box.
In this way you can swap out the boxes and leave one that you do not need at home. In the event that you find the appropriate size tackle box these utility boxes can also be cross-compatible with any soft sided cases you may have as well.
For hard plastic tackle boxes it is in addition crucial to pay consideration to the closure systems and handles. Cheap tackle boxes generally have handles that break or come loose easily.
When that happens you'll accidentally drop the box which in turn cracks and breaks (yeah, I've done it). Cheap latches and closures can also snap or break as time passes which in turn leaves the tackle box useless.
Inspect these components or check reviews before buying.
Pro Tip – Don't leave your plastic tackle boxes sitting in the sun. UV exposure will make the plastic fragile and susceptible to cracking over time. Store them in a drawer or at the least under the dash.

Guide Tackle Bags

Guide Tackle Bags
There are tons of ways to really get your fishing gear to the water. Most anglers will ultimately own or try multiple option. There's no reason you can't use a tackle backpack and a soft sided bag!
A lot of the tackle systems on our list use utility boxes. These boxes are usually universally sized so that you can swap them between storage systems. If you get the correct size tackle bags, tackle boxes, and tackle backpacks you are able to just swap out the utility boxes and be all set to go very quickly!
Before you settle on a determination that tackle box is best for you, make sure you consider where and how often you fish. Remember that the needs may change and you'll probably want to include more tackle storage options over time.
Every angler eventually ends up with an increase of tackle than we know how to proceed with!
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